Hey there, my name is Bob and I'm aCanadian Product Designer Canadian Maple Leaf

I believe in being a good person and doing the right thing. This is evident when I collaborate with other designers because I strive to eliminate ego and help my team develop effective solutions.

I take great pride in crafting delighful user experiences that are grounded in user empathy and beautiful visual design. As an experience designer, I believe that collaboration and story telling are the back bone to all great experiences.

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Case Studies

Brightspace Learning Paths

Problem Definition, User Research, Interaction Design, Visual Design

Brightspace is a learning management system that's best suited to academia. I was brought in as the design lead to partner with our product management and engineering leads to help broaden our product so that we can grow in the corporate space.

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Brightspace for Parents

Problem Definition, User Research, Interaction Design, Visual Design

D2L's mission is to help change the way the world learns. It's really difficult to reach that mission without engaging parents. Our goal for this project was to reach every learner by reaching ever parent.

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Screens & Prototypes


Improve Collaboration with Effective Feedback (Design Feedback)
D2L InFusion (Internal Conference) - Kitchener - 2018
Deliver - Winnipeg - 2018
Fluxible Industry Night (D2L held event) - Kitchener - 2018
Design Thinking for Educators
D2L Fusion - Las Vegas - 2017
Deliver - Winnipeg - 2017
Designing with Microinteractions
Fluxible Industry Night (D2L held event) - Kitchener - 2016
D2L InFusion (Internal Conference) - Kitchener - 2016
Prairie Dev Con - Winnipeg - 2016
IxDA Presentation
Peka Chuka - Winnipeg - 2014
Getting Started With User Research
ICTAM Lunch and Learn - Winnipeg - 2014
Interaction Design Principles and Patterns
IxDA Winnipeg Launch Event - Winnipeg - 2014
Louisianna Farm Bureau Team Training - Baton Rouge - 2014